Waimea Stained Glass Studio
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Welcome to our business site!
Waimea Glass Studio is based in New Zealand.
German stained glass artist Dieter Bedenknecht has lived in NZ
for about 12 years.Dieter has over 30 years experience as a
stained glass artist,his work is beautifully finished and the
craftsmanship is of the highest standard possible.


The "Flowering Lotus" is a Tiffany repro. from original ~1902

The "Flowering Lotus"

Specialist in Tiffany reproduction lampshades which have over 800 glass pieces.
We make unique lampshade designs or work to your specification,no matter what, for the highest quality in
this field this is the only place to come.

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The "Burnt Gold-Laburnum is a repro.from original in ~1904  approx 2000 glass piece

The "Burnt Gold -Laburnum"

Glass-terrarium D. Bedenknecht

"Young Flower" an original work by Dieter Bedenknecht.


Original work by D.Bedenknecht.

"Timeless Girls" is an original work by D.Bedenknecht.

we make...
Stained Glass Tiffany lampshades repro.
Stained Glass gift item.
Repair & Restoration service
Terrariums (Plantshouses)
Stained Glass Classes
Stained Glass Hobby Video by D.Bedenknecht
Stained Glass Hobby supplies.

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